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Considering Building or Renovating Your Niagara Cottage? Call Us Today!

There’s nothing like a weekend getaway at the cottage. Sitting by the lake with a cold drink, barbecuing; cottage life is all about taking it easy, slowing down, and getting back in touch with nature, family, and friends. Enjoying nature doesn’t mean you have to rough it; at MaBo we can give you a current, up-to-date cottage where you can enjoy all the current conveniences of home living.

Your Cottage, Your Choice

Our team can build a cottage in Niagara to match your lifestyle; whether you’d like a larger cottage, or something more discreet, we can design and build the perfect cottage for you. We can even help with planning approvals too.


Modern Cottage

One of the biggest advantages in rebuilding a cottage over renovation is the ability to build your cottage from scratch using modern materials. Not only will your cottage be cooler in the summer, it will also be warmer in the winter should you choose to use it, and, most importantly, far cheaper to run.


Give MaBo a call today to get quotes on cottage teardowns and rebuilds .

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