Let us Help You Create a Custom Home Design for Your Future Niagara Cottage and Home

A home is more than just a house. Home is where you chat with family and friends over dinner, where you unwind after a day at work; home is where you can be truly you. Your home is where you build memories and the centre from which you experience life on a daily basis. Your home should reflect the life you lead, your tastes, your preferences. It should not be about what’s expedient for a builder.

Nobody understands that more than the family team at MaBo Westside Construction Ltd. in Niagara.

Our team can work directly with you to design a custom home that accommodates your lifestyle. We can build you a bungalow, two-story, or a three-story home with any number of bedrooms and washrooms. But that’s the beginning; we can personalize your new home with custom kitchens, mudrooms, sun rooms and conservatories, utility rooms, spectacular finished basements—even saunas too.

The Value of Working with MaBo Westside Construction Ltd.

Building a home from scratch involves a huge amount of planning and organization. Laying bricks upon mortar is just one part of the process of building a home. At MaBo, we take care of your project from start to finish and manage every aspect of building including:

  • Drafting of blueprints
  • Planning approval
  • Demolition
  • Site management
  • Trades scheduling
  • Commercial Construction

Current Lots Available with MaBo Westside Construction Ltd.

  • 330 Doan’s Ridge Rd., Welland… 100’ x 623’
  • Lot 15 Lakeshore Rd., Wainfleet… 11.97 acres
  • Lot 2 Scholfield, Port Colborne… 60.7’ x 135’ –
    Model Under Construction – FOR SALE
  • Lot 5 Balfour St., Fenwick – 59’ x 150’
  • Lot 6 Balfour St., Fenwick – 59’ x 150’
  • Lot 14 Memme Crt, Wainfleet… 151’ x 375’
  • Lot 15 Memme Crt, Wainfleet… 151’ x 375’
  • Lot 22 Clarence St., Port Colborne – 55.6’ x 118’/123’
  • Lot 28 Clarence St., Port Colborne – 56.9’ x 185’/159’ 
  • Lot 29 Clarence St., Port Colborne – 56.4’ x 220’/185’
  • Lot 32 Clarence St., Port Colborne – 58.8’ x 115’/122’
  • Lot 52 Renfield St., Port Colborne – 51.2’ x 131.4’
  • Lot 53 Renfield St., Port Colborne – 51.2’ x 131.4’
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