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A Family that Understands Custom Homes and Renovations in Niagara

For 50 years, the team at MaBo has delivered comfortable, quality homes to the Niagara community. As a family-owned company, we are keenly aware of the relationship between the family and the home. That’s why we consistently strive to produce the best homes possible, whether they are custom homes, bungalows, two storey homes, or cottages. We also have experience in building and renovating commercial premises for business owners throughout Niagara. Our effort is evident not only in the quality of our workmanship, but also by the amount of industry awards we’ve won through the years and the number of happy customers, repeat customers, and referrals we receive.

Your Home, Your Choice

At MaBo, we’re all about choice. Whether you already own a lot or you’re looking for us to build your home on one of ours, we have a range of options to suit you, and your budget. Not only are our homes incredibly well built, they’re affordable too.

But it doesn’t end there! Not only do we build houses, we can also help out with the cottage too. If you have a cottage that’s seen better days we can help you assess the best way to create your dream cottage, whether that means demolishing and rebuilding or renovating the existing structure.

Call us today to learn more and to get a quote.

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